FlexMLS™ Web Upgrade Notice

The March 2012 enhancements of features to the FlexMLS™ Web system are briefly described below.

1. Upload Photos to an Incomplete Listing

You may add photos to a listing after saving it as Incomplete. This can be done immediately after saving a listing as incomplete or by editing a previously saved incomplete listing.

For more information on using these new features, click the following link.

How to Upload Photos to an Incomplete Listing.

2. Remove Listings from Multiple Listing Carts at Once

If you delete an MLS number from a cart and have the same MLS number in multiple carts, FlexMLS will give you the opportunity to remove it from one or more carts.This allows you to control which listing cart(s) from which to delete it.

For information on using this function, click the following link.

How to Remove Listings from Multiple Carts.

3. Automatic E-Mail Event

The default schedule for an automatic e-mail event remains as weekly, but with all days selected. To view an example of what this automatic e-mail schedule setting will look like, click here.

4. Create a Contact from Manual E-Mail

You may create a Contact from the E-mail a Page screen (manual e-mail). This may come in handy when manually e-mailing listings to someone and reduces the step of going into Contact Management to create them. Great for agents who prefer to do a search first, and then add the Contact. To view an example of what creating a Contact from Manual E-Mail will look like, click here.

5. Save Portal Contact Cart Listings into an Agent Listing Cart

When viewing the contents of a Contact's Portal cart (Favorites, Possibilities, Rejects, or Recommended), you may save any of the listings into a Listing Cart. This function quickly allows you to use these listings to do tasks such as a CMA, schedule showings, view a Compare tab report, and get driving directions.

For information on using this function, click the following link.

How to Save Portal Cart Listings to an Agent Cart.

5. Portal Notification Preference

In the Portal Preferences screen, you will have the option of turning off the automatic e-mail notification that is sent when you click the Create User link within the Contact's Portal tab. This option allows agents to notify Contacts of their active Portal when they are ready. A handy option if you would prefer to personalize the notification letter prior to sending.

5. FlexMLS Face List Updates

Search Results Screen- The Search Results screen has been updated to a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. The buttons that were located in the upper right side of the screen have been replaced with links.

Saving a Search from the Search Results Screen- When saving a search from the Search Results screen, the Save Search screen now appears as a pop-up window.


We hope you find the new features discussed above useful in your business. If you have any questions, please contact technical support at (414) 778-5450 or e-mail support@metromls.com