10K Market Indicator Reports

The Monthly Indicators report is an analysis of the four-county metropolitan Milwaukee markets. Its various breakouts track and visually present various business activity trends. The Local Market Updates are single paged reports for seventeen counties and over twenty-five cities or groups of municipalities.

You can access these reports by visiting the Local Markets page located in the Resources section. You can download those reports you want and can print them or use them in your business or even on your website.

Please do not alter the reports in any manner or rebrand them.

Things to know about the 10 K Market Research Reports:

  1. Reports are run 10th of every month.
  2. Actives are counted as of the 1st of the given month.
  3. Single Family and Condominium property types only are used in all reports.
  4. Monthly Supply of inventory: Instead of just the most recent month we look at the average number of monthly pending sales from the last twelve months. This removes the effects of seasonality (i.e. there are way more sales in June than there are in December) and makes it easier to compare month-to-month numbers.

Local Market Updates are summary reports and may be downloaded as a zip (compressed) file.
The downloaded zip file, once unzipped, reveals one or two folders: One containing County Information for selected counties and the other containing Municipality Information for selected municipalities.
All of the files are in the PDF format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

The Milwaukee Monthly Market Indicator is a free research tool from the Multiple Listing Service Inc. on the
Milwaukee Regional Housing Market based off of activity in the 4-County Milwaukee Metropolitan Area.
This Document is in PDF format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Guide to New Market Report

Month Market Updates
(Downloadable Zip File)
Milwaukee Monthly Indicators
(pdf file)
Housing Supply Outlook
(pdf file)
February 2020 Local Market Updates: February 2020 Monthly Indicators: February 2020 Housing Supply Overview: February 2020
January 2020 Local Market Updates: January 2020 Monthly Indicators: January 2020 Housing Supply Overview: January 2020
December 2019 Local Market Updates: December 2019 Monthly Indicators: December 2019 Housing Supply Overview: December 2019
November 2019 Local Market Updates: November 2019 Monthly Indicators: November 2019 Housing Supply Overview: November 2019
October 2019 Local Market Updates: October 2019 Monthly Indicators: October 2019 Housing Supply Overview: October 2019
September 2019 Local Market Updates: September 2019 Monthly Indicators: September 2019 Housing Supply Overview: September 2019
August 2019 Local Market Updates: August 2019 Monthly Indicators: August 2019 Housing Supply Overview: August 2019
July 2019 Local Market Updates: July 2019 Monthly Indicators: July 2019 Housing Supply Overview: July 2019
June 2019 Local Market Updates: June 2019 Monthly Indicators: June 2019 Housing Supply Overview: June 2019
May 2019 Local Market Updates: May 2019 Monthly Indicators: May 2019 Housing Supply Overview: May 2019
April 2019 Local Market Updates: April 2019 Monthly Indicators: April 2019 Housing Supply Overview: April 2019
February 2019 Local Market Updates: February 2019 Monthly Indicators: February 2019 Housing Supply Overview: February 2019
January 2019 Local Market Updates: January 2019 Monthly Indicators: January 2019 Housing Supply Overview: January 2019
December 2018 Local Market Updates: December 2018 Monthly Indicators: December 2018 Housing Supply Overview: December 2018
November 2018 Local Market Updates: November 2018 Monthly Indicators: November 2018 Housing Supply Overview: November 2018
October 2018 Local Market Updates: October 2018 Monthly Indicators: October 2018 Housing Supply Overview: October 2018
September 2018 Local Market Updates: September 2018 Monthly Indicators: September 2018 Housing Supply Overview: September 2018
August 2018 Local Market Updates: August 2018 Monthly Indicators: August 2018 Housing Supply Overview: August 2018
July 2018 Local Market Updates: July 2018 Monthly Indicators: July 2018 Housing Supply Overview: July 2018
June 2018 Local Market Updates: June 2018 Monthly Indicators: June 2018 Housing Supply Overview: June 2018
May 2018 Local Market Updates: May 2018 Monthly Indicators: May 2018 Housing Supply Overview: May 2018
April 2018 Local Market Updates: April 2018 Monthly Indicators: April 2018 Housing Supply Overview: April 2018
March 2018 Local Market Updates: March 2018 Monthly Indicators: March 2018 Housing Supply Overview: March 2018
February 2018 Local Market Updates: February 2018 Monthly Indicators: February 2018 Housing Supply Overview: February 2018
January 2018 Local Market Updates: January 2018 Monthly Indicators: January 2018 Housing Supply Overview: January 2018
December 2017 Local Market Updates: December 2017 Monthly Indicators: December 2017 Housing Supply Overview: December 2017
November 2017 Local Market Updates: November 2017 Monthly Indicators: November 2017 Housing Supply Overview: November 2017
October 2017 Local Market Updates: October 2017 Monthly Indicators: October 2017 Housing Supply Overview: October 2017
September 2017 Local Market Updates: September 2017 Monthly Indicators: September 2017 Housing Supply Overview: September 2017
August 2017 Local Market Updates: August 2017 Monthly Indicators: August 2017 Housing Supply Overview: August 2017
July 2017 Local Market Updates: July 2017 Monthly Indicators: July 2017 Housing Supply Overview: July 2017
June 2017 Local Market Updates: June 2017 Monthly Indicators: June 2017 Housing Supply Overview: June 2017
May 2017 Local Market Updates: May 2017 Monthly Indicators: May 2017 Housing Supply Overview: May 2017
April 2017 Local Market Updates: April 2017 Monthly Indicators: April 2017 Housing Supply Overview: April 2017
March 2017 Local Market Updates: March 2017 Monthly Indicators: March 2017 Housing Supply Overview: March 2017
February 2017 Local Market Updates: February 2017 Monthly Indicators: February 2017 Housing Supply Overview: February 2017
January 2017 Local Market Updates: January 2017 Monthly Indicators: January 2017 Housing Supply Overview: January 2017
December 2016 Local Market Updates: December 2016 Monthly Indicators: December 2016 Housing Supply Overview: December 2016
November 2016 Local Market Updates: November 2016 Monthly Indicators: November 2016 Housing Supply Overview: November 2016
October 2016 Local Market Updates: October 2016 Monthly Indicators: October 2016 Housing Supply Overview: October 2016
September 2016 Local Market Updates: September 2016 Monthly Indicators: September 2016 Housing Supply Overview: September 2016
August 2016 Local Market Updates: August 2016 Monthly Indicators: August 2016 Housing Supply Overview: August 2016
July 2016 Local Market Updates: July 2016 Monthly Indicators: July 2016 Housing Supply Overview: July 2016
June 2016 Local Market Updates: June 2016 Monthly Indicators: June 2016 Housing Supply Overview: June 2016
May 2016 Local Market Updates: May 2016 Monthly Indicators: May 2016 Housing Supply Overview: May 2016
April 2016 Local Market Updates: April 2016 Monthly Indicators: April 2016 Housing Supply Overview: April 2016
March 2016 Local Market Updates: March 2016 Monthly Indicators: March 2016 Housing Supply Overview: March 2016
February 2016 Local Market Updates: February 2016 Monthly Indicators: February 2016 Housing Supply Overview: February 2016
January 2016 Local Market Updates: January 2016 Monthly Indicators: January 2016 Housing Supply Overview: January 2016
December 2015 Local Market Updates: December 2015 Monthly Indicators: December 2015 Housing Supply Overview: December 2015
November 2015 Local Market Updates: November 2015 Monthly Indicators: November 2015 Housing Supply Overview: November 2015
October 2015 Local Market Updates: October 2015 Monthly Indicators: October 2015 Housing Supply Overview: October 2015
September 2015 Local Market Updates: September 2015 Monthly Indicators: September 2015 Housing Supply Overview: September 2015
August 2015 Local Market Updates- August 2015 Monthly Indicators: August 2015 Housing Supply Overview: August 2015
July 2015 Local Market Updates: July 2015 Monthly Indicators: July 2015 Housing Supply Overview: July 2015
June 2015 Local Market Updates: June 2015 Monthly Indicators: June 2015 Housing Supply Overview: June 2015
May 2015 Local Market Updates: May 2015 Monthly Indicators: May 2015 Housing Supply Overview: May 2015
April 2015 Local Market Updates: April 2015 Monthly Indicators: April 2015 Housing Supply Overview: April 2015
March 2015 Local Market Updates: March 2015 Monthly Indicators: March 2015 Housing Supply Overview: March 2015
February 2015 Local Market Updates: February 2015 Monthly Indicators: February 2015 Housing Supply Overview: February 2015
January 2015 Local Market Updates: January 2015 Monthly Indicators: January 2015 Housing Supply Overview: January 2015
Decemter 2014 Local Market Updates: December 2014 Monthly Indicators: December 2014 Housing Supply Overview: December 2014
November 2014 Local Market Updates: November 2014 Monthly Indicators: November 2014 Housing Supply Overview: November 2014
October 2014 Local Market Updates: October 2014 Monthly Indicators: October 2014 Housing Supply Overview: October 2014
September 2014 Local Market Updates: September 2014 Monthly Indicators: September 2014 Housing Supply Overview: September 2014
August 2014 Local Market Updates: August 2014 Monthly Indicators: August 2014 Housing Supply Overview: August 2014
July 2014 Local Market Updates: July 2014 Monthly Indicators: July 2014 Housing Supply Overview: July 2014
June 2014 Local Market Updates: June 2014 Monthly Indicators: June 2014 Housing Supply Overview: June 2014
May 2014 Local Market Updates: May 2014 Monthly Indicators: May 2014 Housing Supply Overview: May 2014
April 2014 Local Market Updates: April 2014 Monthly Indicators: April 2014 Housing Supply Overview: April 2014
March 2014 Local Market Updates: March 2014 Monthly Indicators: March 2014 Housing Supply Overview: March 2014
February 2014 Local Market Updates: February 2014 Monthly Indicators: February 2014 Housing Supply Overview: February 2014
January 2014 Local Market Updates: January 2014 Monthly Indicators: January 2014 Housing Supply Overview: January 2014

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