WIREX is a joint venture to share MLS content between Metro MLS, Central Wisconsin MLS (Marathon Area) South Central MLS (Madison Area) and Northeast MLS (Appleton – Green Bay Area). It will provide members in each of the MLSs access to data in all four MLS’s.

WIREX provides combined data (such as off market listings, images, documents and tax records, etc.) which is available to you through FlexMLS for use in your business. WIREX also provides the offer of cooperation and compensation between participants in the MLS’s.

How do I search for Wirex listings within FlexMLS?

When you do a Full, Quick, Map, Address, or Multiple Address Search in FlexMLS, you will have the choice of which MLS you want to search. Choose either Metro MLS or WIREX, or both. If you only want to search for Wirex listings choose Wirex, which will allow them to view data from Central Wisconsin, South Central and Northeast. If you want to view all of the listings that meet your search criteria, you can select both areas and view the combined data.

How can I tell if a listing is a Wirex listing?

The listing will be marked within FlexMLS with a box that says WIREX. The listing report will note WIREX to the left of the MLS number.

Where can I find more information on WIREX?

Visit www.wirex.com for more information and also view the WIREX user guide by clicking here



When doing a combined MLS search (Metro MLS & WIREX) at the same time you will have a limited number of fields to search from. This is due to not all fields being shareable across all of the different MLS’s.

If you want to do a search all of the MLS’s. Select one of the MLS’s first (either Metro MLS or WIREX) then select the listings that you want. Click on the Edit Search tab and then the Quick Search tab and in the MLS of section choose the other MLS, then click on Update Count then View Results and Select the listings that you want to use. You will have all of the listings together on the Selected link.