Wild Card Searching

I am trying to search for properties on a specific Body of water, street, subdivision or school district, but not all of the matches are coming up.

The listing agent/office did not enter in the name as you are searching for it. There are different spellings and desigantions for Bodies of water, streets, subdivisions or school districts. (ie L. Michigan and Lake Michigan). Use a wild card search.

The wild card search searches for a common part of a word or sequence of letters that might be common to how the information was entered.

For example if you are looking for properties in both the Brookfield and Elmbrook school district, you could use a wild card search with the word “Brook”. If you just search with the word “Brook” you will get only exact matches for “Brook” so you must enter *Brook* (the stars or asterisks surrounding the word). Now you will get properties that match your other criteria and are located in any school district containing the word “Brook”. You may get more than what you are searching for, so make sure you look at all of the listings before e-mailing or printing them out.

How to use a Wild Card Search:

  1. In Full Search (on the main tab) enter all your main criteria.
  2. Look at the botom of the Main Tab page for the categories: Body of Water, Street, Subdivision or School District.
  3. Enter into the blanks your wild card word in this format: *yourwildcardword*.
  4. If you need to enter more than one wild card word you can use a comma between the words ( *word1*,*word2* ). You can have up to 5 wildcard searches in each text box.

You can also use a Wild Card search in and text box including the Public and Private remarks.