Why do I Have to Enter the Zip+4?

The flexMLS system uses a mapping program that lets you draw the area you want to search. However, the mapping program relies on an accurate address, municipality, county and zip code. If the mapping program cannot locate the street within the municipality and the listing has only a five digit zip code, the program will display the property in the center of the zip code. By including the extra four digits in the zip code field, the flexMLS mapping program can more accurately display the property on the map, usually at its exact location!

The four extra digits of the zip code are required when adding a listing. If you don’t know the “zip+4” for your listing, click on the link “zip code finder” (usps.com) found on the main page of the flexMLS system. If you cannot find the zip+4 at usps.com then leave the +4 blank. Failure to enter zip codes accurately may result in sanctions.

Of course, the street address is another important part of the mapping program. If you enter an address only as “27th”, the mapping program may not know whether the street is “27th Ave” or “27th St”. And, once again, your property may not map in the correct area. Please be sure to use the correct street extensions when entering a street address:

Avenue = Ave            Block = Bl                    Boulevard = Blvd
Circle = Cir                Court = Ct                    Drive = Dr
Lane = Ln                  Parkway = Pkwy         Place = Pl
Street = St                 Terrace = Ter               Trail = Trl