View List of E-mails Sent from FlexMLS

How can I verify or view a list of outgoing e-mails that I have sent from FlexMLS?

  1. In the FlexMLS menu click on Contacts to open the Contact menu.
  2. Click on My Sent E-mails.
  3. The system will display e-mails that have been sent by you manually. If you would like to see e-mails that have been sent automatically by the system (Subscriptions) click on Subscriptions next to Manual at the top of the screen.

You can track; and see time and date the e-mails were sent to your recipients, the number of times they viewed the link, and the time and date they last viewed the message. If you have sent the e-mail to the wrong e-mail address, or wish to resend it to a contact, you can do that by clicking on Send in the Resend column.

These e-mails are available to view up to 30 days from the date sent, after that time the link is no longer valid.