Turning on the Contact Portal

The Portal is a feature in contact Management to help consolidate your communications with your Contacts. If you choose to use it, your Contacts will now have access to their own dashboard which will contain information you send to them. You’ll have the ability to give your Contacts a login name and password to the portal so that they can save listings to their own carts, and send you messages regarding listings. Some of the features included are:

  • Messages can be sent to the agent from the Contact about properties or other items. Agents can respond and the messages will appear on the Portal.
  • Retains Searches and Reports that have been sent.
  • Listings can be marked by the Contact as Favorites, Possibilities, and Rejects. Listings can also be marked as Recommended by the agent. These will be kept organized in separate Listing Carts.
  • E-mail notification of new FlexMLS messages sent by Contacts and agents will be available so that you get a real-time update when a message has been sent to you within FlexMLS web. E-mail notifications will be sent to the primary e-mail address you have listed in your FlexMLS profile. You must turn this on it is not automatic.
  • Contacts can view all listings that match their search parameters that have been setup by the agent.

Turning on the Portal

If you have not enabled the client portal for the selected contact, your Portal tab will look like this. Follow the steps below to turn on the portal for a contact.

  1. Click the Create Portal Account button. When you click create portal account an e-mail will be sent to your contact with the following information:
    • Username (contact’s primary e-mail address)
    • Password (will be blank, contact creates their own password)
    • Web Link for the portal that your contact will log into.

Information about the different sections of the portal can be found in Sections of The Portal Tab..