Transfer Listing

You can use the Transfer option in the Add\Change section of the FlexMLS menu only if you are logged in using the Office account.

  1. In the FlexMLS menu click on Add\Change then Transfer.

    Transfer Listings Screen

  2. On the Transfer Listing screen select the agent that currently has the listing.
    • If the agent ‘s name does not show up in the list put a checkmark in the Show inactive members box or Show not-in-lists box.
  3. Choose the status of the listings that you want to transfer and then click Next.
  4. On the Search Results screen, select the listing(s) that you want to transfer.
  5. Click Tranfer in the toolbar above on the left.

  6. On the Transfer Listings screen, select the agent you want to transfer the listing to and then click Next.

    Transfer Listings to box

  7. On the Transfer Listings, Confirm screen verify the information is correct and then click Next.

The transferred listings will now show up underneath the agent that they were transferred to.