Submitting a Listing Photo to MLS via Email

Instructions for Submitting a Photo to MLS Via Email

    • Photos must be in JPEG format, aspect ratio landscape and named the MLS# of the corresponding listing. Listing #1234567 would be called 1234567.jpg
    • Attach images to an email message addressed to  Leave the body of the email blank.
    •  To send images for multiple listings at once, please attach all digital photos to one email message. Do NOT create an email message for each listing photo.
    •  Image sizes should be under 5MB.  Square and odd-shaped images are cropped to this size.  Be sure the digital image sent to us will allow for cropping or crop the photos before emailing them to us.

To Resize Photos, Follow These Instructions

Use this Photo Resizing Tool; then do the following.

  • Click on the orange resize photos now button.
  • Click on the Browse button and select the photo that you want to resize on your pc, and then click upload now.
  • Under the photo that is optimized, you will see the options for resizing your picture. In the new size section, change the width to 2000; This is a suggested size, more resizing may need to be done.
  • Click the Apply changes button.
  • Now, under the optimized photo, look at the size section. If the image is under 5MB, click on the download this image link and save it to your pc.
  • Photos that are still larger than 5MB, repeat steps 3–5 reducing the size of the width until it’s 5MB or less.