Sending Subscriptions to Myself Instead of My Contact

There are two methods that are available to accomplish this:

Method 1 (Preferred Method)

When you create the subscription event for your client Turn On Preview mode. This will send the subscriptions to you first. You would then select the listings to approve for your client to receive by selecting the listings and clicking approve. When you approve the listings it will only send those listings that you selected to your contact.

Method 2

First create a contact for yourself in Contact Management, and enter your e-mail address that you want the subscription to go to in the first e-mail field, then save the contact.

  1. Go to your Searches/Subscriptions tab and create the search for your contact.
  2. Now when you Add the subscription event for the search, your name and e-mail address will appear in Recipient list.
  3. In the E-mail Content section, fill out the Subject and Body sections and then click Next to save the Subscription.

Using either method you will receive all of the auto e-mail(s), and you can forward the listings to your contact(s) after you have reviewed them.