Sections of the Portal Tab

There are five different sections of the portal tab. Explanations for each section can be found below.

Different Sections of the Portal Tab

Client Portal Section

In the Client Portal section you can turn the portal on and off for your contact by clicking on the radio buttons. The View Portal link will bring up the agent side of the portal. (You will see functionality differences between the agent and the contact side of the portal.) The E-mail Portal Link lets you e-mail the Portal url to a contact, you can also include their username and reset their password in this e-mail. You will also see the portal url that you have setup in this section. View Listings automatically Sent to This Contact will show you the listings they have received via the subscription if you have that function turned on.


Portal Listing Carts Section

In the Portal Listing Carts section you will see all of the system created carts, (Save and Hide) and any carts your contact has created. You will also see how many properties are in those carts. If you would like to view the contents of the carts, simply click on the cart name.


Portal Activity Section

In the Portal Activity section you will see the last date and time that your contact has logged into their portal. In addition to that you will have a box either checked (default) or unchecked allowing the FlexMLS system to send you a message alerting you that a contact has logged into their portal.


Portal Account Section

In the Portal Account section you can change your contacts portal username, password and customize their portal settings (ie – what information your contact sees and how it is displayed) by clicking on the appropriate link.

When clicking on the Change settings link you will see a screen with your contacts current portal settings; most likely the defaults that you have setup in your portal preferences.

You can customize or view your contacts portal settings here. Click Save Settings after you have made changes and that instantly changes the portal settings for your contact. Clicking cancel will not save your settings and take you back to their portal tab.


Listings Viewed By (Contacts Name) Section

In the Listings Viewed By section you will see the MLS #, Address and number of times a contact has viewed other listings within the portal. To see the full list of listings click View All.