Searching For Waterfront Property

Searching for a property on a specific named body of water:

Start with a Full Search, selecting Property Type and Status.

  1. On the Main tab, enter your main search criteria.
  2. For a specific body of water, like Lac La Belle, Oconomowoc Lake or Milwaukee River: In the Body of Water field, enter the name of the body of water using wildcards.

    Lac La Belle enter *bel*
    Lake Tichigan enter *tich*
    Oconomowoc Lake, enter *ocon*

  3. You may get more listings than what you are looking for when using a wildcard search but you will find the specific listings that you are looking for.

You can have up to 5 wildcard searches in each text box you would just seperate them with a comma. Example: *word*,*word*

Searching for a specific type of water on a lot:

  1. Click on the Exterior tab. Click on Type, and select Water Frontage on Lot with an AND.
  2. Click on Water Front/Access and then select the types of bodies of water they want.

If it is a choice between one option OR another, select those types with OR. If they ONLY want one type (only find lake or only find ponds) then select that type with an AND.