Saving a Search

From any tab or link on the Search Results screen, click Save. If you have listings selected, you will be prompted to select whether you would like to save the selected listings to a collection, or save the search. To save selected listings, click here.

To Save the Search:

Click save and then save search, the Save Search screen will prompt you for a name for your saved search.

If this is a New search, type in the name of the search. If this search is going to replace an existing search, click the radio button next to Existing and choose the search to be replaced from the list. Choose a view  to associate with the search if you would like to change the current one.

In the Additional Search Options section:

Yon can also attach the search to a contact to associate with the search. If you are not associating the search with a contact, click the radio button next to None. If you are attaching the search to a new contact, click the radio button next to New and type in the name of the contact. If the search is to be associated with a contact that has already been entered in the system, click the radio button next to Existing and choose the name of the contact from the list.

If you intend to have the search track new matches that are entered into the system, you may click on the settings for what the system should consider a “new” listing (New, Price Changes, Status Changes, Back on Market, Extension and Open House). You may also specify a time frame for how far back to look for “new” listings. 24 hours is the default, if something else is desired it may be entered here.

If you would like to send a subscription for new listings entered into the system, click the Add Subscription button.

If you are ready to save the search click the Save button. If you are saving it to a contact and want to create the subscription, click save and add subscription fill out the Edit Subscription screen and click the Save button.