Print Data Sheet with Tax info

From the Search Results screen:

  1. Click on the Detail tab and then the Report link.
  2. In the left hand column highlight the listing that you want to print out the report and tax information for.
  3. Next to the word Report, click on the black triangle pointing down and select a Report with Tax Information. (There is also the option to choose between Public and Private versions of listing reports.)

    Report Sub Menu

  4. Click on the Open in a New Window icon, and then click on File and then Print choose your printer and click the print button. You can also just click on the Printer icon in your browser if you do not need to specify a certain printer.

    Open in New Window Icon

From the Print Link:

  1. Select the listings you want to print (if you only want certain listings on your search results screen) this will add them to your selected link.
  2. Click on the Print link.
  3. In the Listings to Print or E-mail section choose either Current Listing, Selected, or All Results.
  4. Click on the Detail check box and select one of the Reports with Tax that you would like to print.
  5. Click on the check box next to Preview and Print in a new window and then click the Preview button and in the new window the information for your listing will appear.
  6. To print your information, on the menu bar go to File and then Print, choose your printer and click the Print button; or just click on the browsers printer icon.

**By clicking on the Preview and Print in a new window checkbox first and then the Preview or Print button allows you information to load alot faster thus saving you time.**