Pink Error Box or Loading Screen

There are multiple causes and solutions to this problem

  • Something in the temporary files causes the issue: Delete the browsing history and reboot (rebooting is a key step).
  • A browser add-on (Known: Skype and Realplayer) is interefering with javascript: To test disable add-ons and restart browser (remove add-on as needed for a permanent fix).
  • Corruption to the browsers javascript engine: Repair the browser: Uninstall and reinstall Firefox orĀ Internet Explorer.
  • What you want to do is, not disable your firewall, but in your firewall’s settings, you will need to add the site and to the Safe or Allow list. To find how to do this, refer to your firewall’s instruction manual.
  • Firewall software has also been know to cause this issue (CA – was uninstalled but left settings behind in registry) — Remove settings, will need Tech.

In some cases you may have to consult with a computer techician to fix this problem. It could be related to a previous uninstalled software that was on your PC.