Order Listings Using the Driving Directions Link

There are two different methods to order your listings. You can sort them first on the selected tab or by moving them around in the Google Map address list.

From the Selected Link

  1. Click on the listing that you want to move and then using the Blue or Green arrows at the bottom of the screen move the listing to the order that you want it to appear, or you can use the drag and drop method.
  2. When you have the listings in your desired order, click on the driving directions link and they will be lettered in the same order as on the selected link.

On Google Maps (After clicking on the Driving directions link)

  1. On the upper left hand side of the screen, position your mouse over the three dots to the left of the address that you wish to move.
  2. Hold down your left mouse button and Drag the address to where you want it to show in the list. (This will also change your driving directions in the directions section.)


When you change the order of the properties on Google Maps; (After clicking on the Driving directions link) it does not change the order of their listings on the Selected link in FlexMLS.