My Listings

When you log into FlexMLS with your agent account, there is a “Listings” section on the message board that contains your listing information.

The information displayed in the “Listings” section contains:

  • My Active Listings: Current Active listings
  • My Delayed Listings: Current Delayed listings
  • My Pending Listings: Current Pending listings
  • My Listings To Expire: Listings to expire in the next 7 days (This date range can be changed in your general preferences).
  • My Sold Listings: Listings sold in the last 30 days (This date range can be changed in your general preferences to show sold properties up to 999 days in the past).

Another way to see all of your listings including Withdrawn, past Expired’s, and Delayed listings would be using My Listings in the search section of the menu. This option will show you all of the statuses that you have selected in the My Listings Section of your General Preferences. For Expired, Withdrawn, and Sold properties you will be able to go back up to 365 days in the past.

If you log in with the office account; you will get this information for your offices listings.