MLS Fines / Sanction Codes

The MLS checks the following information for accuracy. If you enter incorrect or incomplete information into the computer, the MLS makes the correction and levies appropriate sanctions. (MLS Rules Section 7.0)

  1. The address – as indicated on the contract.
  2. County – as indicated on the contract and tax records.
  3. Municipality – as indicated on the contract and tax records.
  4. ZIP
  5. Tax Key Number – as indicated on the tax records.
  6. Listing and Expiration Dates – as indicated on the listing contract.
  7. Compensations to Subagent/Buyer Agent – compensations must be entered correctly.
  8. Disclosures – Named Prospects, Variable Commission, Broker Owned, Exclusive Agency Contract, Limited/Un-Serviced listings.
  9. Directions and Public Remarks- may only contain information regarding directions or information about the property – NO names, phone numbers, email, commission information, showing information, web sites, etc. are allowed.


Sanction Codes:

AD – Address
BC – Buyer Agent Commission
BO – Broker Owned
CO – County
CS – Subagent Commission
EA – Exclusive Agency
LD – Listing Date
MN – Municipality
TX – Tax Key Number
NP – Named Prospects
VC – Variable Comission
XD – Expiration Date
ZP – Zip Code +4

Sanctions for inappropriate information in Public Remarks or Directions:

BN – Bonus Information
CS – Commission Information
DG – Derogatory Information
EM – Email/Web Address
LA – Agent Name
OF – Office Name
PH – Phone Number
SH – Showing Information
WB – Web Address