Metro MLS Broker Rewards Program

What is The Broker Rewards Program?
It’s a new program that rewards brokers with registered assistants with CASH!

What are the qualifications for the Broker Rewards Program?

1. Be a Broker member of Metro MLS
2. Have Registered Assistants with Metro MLS
3. Input accurate listing data into flexMLS via Metro MLS.
4. Minimize sanctions and fees for failed rules or policy procedures.

How much money do brokers get for good listing data?
Qualified brokers will be paid for good data. The amount can vary from year to year depending on the number of registered assistants, sanctions and/or fees. The total fund will be equally distributed based off a per qualified listing figure to qualified brokers.

How often do they get it?

Where do Brokers Register for the program?
They don’t. If they have registered assistant, they are automatically enrolled as a perk of the program.

Where can they find information regarding the Broker Reward Program?
On our Website, under Resource, in the Member Toolkit. Look for “Broker Rewards Program”. Any updates will be posted there.