Marketing Name

Under your profile, you can specify a “Marketing Name” in addition to your system name, and also whether to use your marketing or system name or both on listing reports.

This was designed for use by teams who want their “team” name to show up on listing reports.

To Access Marketing Name

  1. In the FlexMLS menu, click on Preferences and then My Profile then Quick Profile Maintenance.
  2. Enter in your Marketing name in Marketing Information section.
  3. In the Display Options section, click the drop down menu and choose how you would like your name to appear in the FlexMLS system for your Default Listing, Footer, Public View, and Private View Names. You can choose to have either your system name, marketing name, or both as your default.
  4. Click Next to save your changes.


The “Marketing Name” was not designed for self promotion (Jane Doe, #1 seller in the entire state). Inappropriate uses of “Marketing Names” will be removed from the system.