Listing in the Wrong Place On the Map

Listing was not mapped properly at the time the listing was entered. This can be caused if the address was not entered in correctly, recognized by the mapping system, or if you do not put the zip +4 in when entering your listing. The system needs the +4 for mapping purposes. You will have to manually relocate the property on the map.

Manually relocate the listing pin on the map.

  1. Go to the Change listing screen for the property.
  2. Click Map Location located on the left side of screen. This will open the current map.
  3. Click and hold down the left mouse button on the map and drag your mouse in the direction you want to position the map. Use the zoom indicator to the left of the map to zero in on the area desired for pin placement.
  4. Once you have positioned the map with your desired location under the pushpin, click the Use Location link in the Info bubble of the pin.
  5. Go to your listings Map tab and verify it is showing up in the correct location. If it is still showing up wrong on the map, repeat steps 1-4.