Listing Collections

You can save listings that you have selected in a search to a Listing Collection. Listing Collection’s will allow you to use those listings in a CMA track those listings or use them in some other manner.

  1. On the Search Results page first, select the listings that you want to keep track of.
  2. Click on the Save link and choose Save Selected As.
  3. Left click in the Collection Name box.
  4. You can now give your Listing Collection a new name. If you would like you can add the selected listings to a collection you have created previously; select the collection name. After you select the collection name you have the option to Add to the Collection or Replace the Collection.
  5. Click Save to save the listing cart or changes to the cart.


Saving a listing collection saves only those particular listings, it does not save the search criteria used to find those listings. You can also add to, subtract from or replace a previously saved listing cart. The only way to update a Listing Cart is by manually removing or adding listings.