Listing Activity

Listing Activity is available for viewing on your listings. You may access the Listing Activity feature by either clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the MLS number in the List tab on the Search Results screen, or the Listing Activity link in the Change Listing menu of your listing.

Listing Activity displays hit count information such as:

  • Where people are viewing the listing.
  • How do people rate this listing.
  • Save the file to your desktop.
  • Actions people took on this listing.

The Listing Activity also shows information about other listings that were viewed or liked by agents within FlexMLS and Contacts via the Portal and E-mails. Click View to view these listings on a Search Results page.

You can also setup an auto e-mail for listing activity to go out weekly or monthly to your seller or yourself.

To learn more about the Listing Activity feature, see the attached document.