Incomplete Listings

Please read the following FAQ’s section for more information about Incomplete Listings.

Q: How long do incomplete listing stay in FlexMLS?
A: Incomplete listings stay in the system until they are completed or deleted.

Q: Does the start date of the incompleted listing count toward the 2 days (48 hours) in which I have to get the listing in MLS?
A: If you took the listing on Monday, it still has to be in completed in MLS by Wednesday. Therefore, if you started entering the listing and saved it as ‘Incomplete’ on Wednesday, but didn’t completed it until Saturday then the listing is considered late.

Q: When can I Save as Incomplete?
A: You can save a listing as incomplete at any time in the entry phase; the listing will not be assigned an MLS number until you complete all required fields, and then click the Add Listing button.


There is also an Auto Save feature in the FlexMLS system. When you are entering in a new listing the system will automatically saved your information every 2 mins. These saves will show up in the Incomplete section of the Add\Change menu.

When entering a listing to save as Incomplete, make sure before you add the listing that the list date entered matches the date on the listing contract.