How Do I Print Out Flyers in FlexMLS

To create a flyer do the following:

  1. Select the listings from the Search Results screen.
  2. Click on the Print link.
  3. In the Listings to Print or E-mail section, select either Current Listing, Selected or All Results.
  4. Next put a check in the Detail check box.
  5. In the drop-down menu next to Report, choose the Flyer that you would like from the report list.
  6. Next you must choose the Private version of the report, as the public version will not show the agent contact information or the Flyer Headline.
  7. Click the Preview Button and then Print Button and choose the printer that you want to print to.

**We suggest previewing your flyer before printing, to ensure you get your desired results.***

To add a Flyer Headline, you must either include it when initially entering your listing or by editing your listing. Enter headline text under the Main Fields tab in the Flyer Headline section.


If you want your flyers to print properly on one page and show the colors, See KB Article 102; and make any needed changes.