Driving Directions Link

The Driving directions link allows you to tag listings and receive driving directions, via Google Maps. If you would like to see listings in a desired order, you can sort the listings on the Selected tab. Using the double or single up and down arrows, you can click any listing to highlight it yellow, and then use the arrows to move it in the desired order. Once the listings are in the order that you would like them to appear on the map, click on the Map tab and then the Driving directions link.

This will open a new window or tab with Google maps on it. Here you will see the current order of the listing as they are on the selected tab. If desired, the order of the route can be changed here by hovering your mouse over the dots to the left of the address that you would like to move by left clicking and dragging the letter to the order you want them in. You can also add destinations to the map by clicking the add destination button, then put in the complete address of the location you want to add and then click get directions. This will update your driving directions.
The driving directions and map can be printed or e-mailed.