Document Loader

For more information about the Document Uploader, please check the FAQs section below for Frequently Asked Questions, read the photo guide by clicking here, or watch the Document Uploader tutorial can be found on MetroMLS homepage under Resources\FlexMLS Tutorials\Other Tutorials section.

Q: What is the required format of the documents to be uploaded?
A: All documents you choose to manually upload, MUST be in PDF format.

Q: Do I have to purchase Adobe Acrobat to create PDF documents?
A: No, free programs are available via the internet to convert your documents to PDF’s. Go to, or
Q: Is there a size limit on the documents to be uploaded?
A: Files you manually upload must not exceed 5 MB in size, per document.

Q: My document is over the 5 MB file size, what can I do to fix this?
A: Open your document in Adobe Acrobat, click File and select Reduce File Size to reduce your document. You will be prompted to save the resized file. You can also rescan the document in to your pc at the lowest resolution setting available.

Q: What documents can I fax in?
A: The ONLY documents accepted via faxing, are the Seller’s Condition Report and the Lead Paint Disclosure. In the future, this will change to accommodate other documents.

Q: How do I add documents to my listings?
A: You add documents into your listing by going to the Change listing screen and then the Documents section and then upload the document to your listing.

Q: What documents can I upload?
A: You can upload any document that is listed under “Documents on File” on the MLS profile sheet for each property type.

Important note: Please be conscious of the information that is uploaded and visible to others. The documents contents are not supplied or verified by MLS therefore we will not be responsible for information contained therein.

Q: What if I don’t want documents e-mailed to my customer?
A: You can choose to not include them as an attachment when e-mailing them to your customer.

Q: What number should I use to fax my documents to FlexMLS?
A: For your convenience the fax number will be printed on the system generated fax cover sheet.

Q: Can I reuse fax cover sheets for other listings?
A: DO NOT REUSE the system generated fax cover sheets, as they are unique for each listing and document type.

Q: How can I access documents attached to listings?
A: You can access documents that are available on any listing by clicking on the Detail tab and then you will see a Documents link if documents have been uploaded to FlexMLS for that listing.
Q: How will I know my faxed document was received by FlexMLS?
A: You will receive a confirmation email when it has been uploaded into the FlexMLS system. The e-mail is sent to the primary e-mail address listed in your FlexMLS account, from Offices can print and fax documents for their office listings, however the e-mail goes to the listing agent, not the e-mail address listed in the office account.

Q: Who receives the confirmation e-mail when documents are faxed in?
A: Only the listing agent from the specific MLS # receives the confirmation e-mail to their primary e-mail address.

Q: How long will it take a faxed document to be uploaded into FlexMLS?
A: The turn-around time it takes a faxed document to upload in FlexMLS is within one (1) hour.

Q: I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail when I faxed my document. What do I do?
A: If you DO NOT receive a confirmation email after faxing your document:

  1. Make sure you used the correct FlexMLS generated fax cover sheet.
  2. Make sure your email address is correct in your FlexMLS account.
  3. Check your listing on FlexMLS to see if your documents are shown.
  4. Check spam or junk mail folders if you have them.

Q: I’m still having trouble faxing in a document?
A: There are a couple things to check and try.

  1. Check the cover sheet and make sure you can see the lines in the bar code clearly.
  2. Try printing the cover sheet from another printer.
  3. Try setting the resolution on the fax machine to Fine or Super Fine.
  4. If available, try another fax machine.

Q: I faxed in numerous documents. The documents are all combined or batched together on the first listing I faxed in, what happened?
A: The document for each report must be fax in separately with its own cover sheet. Only the first page of the fax is scanned for the bar codes. Then that page is dropped and the rest of the fax is turned into a PDF, and then uploaded into the FlexMLS system. Remember, you will receive a confirmation email for each successfully faxed document.

Q: My Documents are upside down!! What happened?
A: Most likely the fax cover sheet was upside down when you faxed it. All of the document pages and the cover sheet are scanned by the system. Only the cover sheet is analyzed to obtain the MLS # and report. If we cannot read the bar code on the first pass, the document is rotated 180 degrees and tried again. If the bar code is read successfully then the rest of the fax is also rotated as it is assumed all the documents were put in the fax machine the same way.

Q: When can I fax documents to you?
A: The fax server is running 24 hours, 7 days a week. Since there is no one looking at the documents, when you fax them in, you can fax whenever it is convenient for you. Just remember, it still might take up to two hours before it appears on the FlexMLS system and you receive an email confirmation.

Q: I looked on the Detail tab, but there is no Documents link, why not?
A: The Documents link will only be visible if documents have been successfully loaded into FlexMLS.

Q: Why doesn’t the documents I faxed or uploaded show up on the reports?
A: For reporting purposes, you will need to change the listing details to reflect the documents you have already faxed or uploaded into FlexMLS.