Creating and Editing Views

  1. Click on Preferences.
  2. Click on My Views.
  3. Under Available Views, click on New.
  4. Click in the Description field to enter a name for the new view format.
  5. Click in the Report Description field to enter a title for the view.
  6. Select whether to show a picture of the property by selecting either the Yes or No radio button.
  7. Click in the box of your choice to set the View as the default for a particular Full Search or listing function. If you don’t want this view to be used as a default, then don’t check any of the boxes.
  8. Click the Fields tab and select from the list that you wish to include as columns in the View. Once you click on a field it will add it to the list at the right.
  9. You may order the chosen fields by selecting them at the right and clicking the Move Up and Move Down arrow.
  10. Now click on the Sort tab, and you can the way your view sorts by either Column Order, a Saved Sort, or Custom (sort by certain field(s)).
  11. When you are satisfied with your selections click the Save button to save your changes and return to the My Views screen.

Your new View will be displayed in the Available Views list. You can see the title and selected columns for the View by highlighting it within the list. Click on the Give to someone button to share the View with users within your office or company (when logged in as the office or company). You may also edit or remove views from the My Views screen.


While on the search results screen, you can edit the current view by clicking on View in the upper right hand corner of the search results screen on the List tab in FlexMLS.