Change Listing Screen Overview

The Change Listing page is used to make changes to existing listings. Underneath the MLS number entry are quick links to print and view the listings:

  • Full Listing Report
  • Photo tour
  • Documents
  • History
  • Listing Activity

Change Listing Screen


Listing Information Section:

Listing Information, which  will open a tabbed view of the information entered for your listing.  You may select Main Fields, which includes the primary listing information, Details, which includes information on amenities and appliances etc., Rooms, to change size and or location of each, or Export to select where the listing will be made available in data exports (MLS, Office, or Member sites — third-party export functions etc.).

Map Location allows you to manually target your listing on a map and load geocode data for that location. Reset Geocode will clear the information stored in the database for the listing’s location and remove the existing Map Location. After resetting the geocodes you may click on Map Location to reposition the listing on the map.

The Listing/Selling Members link will allow you to add co-listing or co-selling members, as well as make changes to listing or selling members when needed. The Supra functions link, where available, will access the Supra functions for the selected listing.

Status and Price Change Section:

The Status and Price Change section contains links to specific functions for listing maintenance. Click on a link to advance to the appropriate screen for entry.  (If a function is not available in this section it may be restricted to certain access levels, listing status, or handled exclusively by your MLS administration.)

  • Edit Current Status – Allows you to change the listings status
  • Change List Price – Allows you to change the listings current list price.
  • Extend or Expire Listing – Allows you to expire or extend the listing in MLS (This Change happens at midnight of the date selected).
  • Pend Listing (Under Contract) – Allows you to change the current status to pending.
  • Close Listing – Allows you to enter in the sold information for the listing.
  • Back on Market (Active) – Allows you to change a pending listing back to an active status.
  • Expire Listing – Allows you to expire the listing immediately.
  • Back on Market (Extend) – Allows you to put an expired listing back on the market.

Multimedia Section:

Multimedia section is where photos, documents, videos, and virtual tours are attached to the listing.

Click on the Photos link to proceed to the Photo Maintenance screen. From the Photo Maintenance screen you may add or remove photos, change the primary photo, arrange the order your photos appear, and enter captions to appear below each photo. You can upload up to 25 photos to your listing. When uploading photos make sure they are in a jpeg format and 300 KB or smaller.

Click on the Documents link to create fax in cover sheets, upload documents, add disclosures, plat maps, etc. When uploading documents make sure they are a PDF and 1 MB or smaller.

Click on the Virtual Tour link to enter a web address location provided by the creators of the virtual tour for your listing.

Click on the Videos link to add in the embed code from the website that the video has been uploaded to for your listing.

Scheduled Marketing Activities:

Scheduled Marketing Activities includes links to add/schedule an Open House or Tour of Homes for your listing.