Can’t Manually E-mail From FlexMLS

I can not send e-mails from FlexMLS on the e-mail a page screen I do no longer have my body or subject section and when I click the e-mail button Outlook tries to open. How can I fix this?

You are trying to send mail using another e-mail program other than FlexMLS. To fix this problem:

On the bottom of the Recipients section uncheck the Send mail using my computer’s e-mail program box.

You will now have your subject and body sections and should have no problems e-mailing the listing from FlexMLS. Once you send the e-mail; these settings will stay saved for you.


If you do send messages from your local e-mail client and not FlexMLS, we can not support you if the contact has a problem with that e-mail message or does not receive it since it was not sent from the FlexMLS system.