Cannot E-mail From FlexMLS

There could be a couple of reasons why you can not e-mail listings from FlexMLS.

In order to send e-mail from the FlexMLS system, you must have an e-mail address saved in your profile.

On your FlexMLS menu, under Preferences, click My Profile, then Quick Profile Maintenance. Enter your primary e-mail address in the contact section and click Next to save.

If you have your e-mail address in your profile and still can not e-mail listings from FlexMLS; on your e-mail a page screen look to see if the send mail using my computer’s e-mail program¬†box is checked.

E-mail a Page Screen

If the box is checked, uncheck it and you should now be able to e-mail out the listings from FlexMLS. Once you click the e-mail or send page button these settings will be saved.

If you still are having problems e-mailing listings from FlexMLS please contact the Helpline.