Agent Photo

Please read the following FAQ’s section for more information about uploading your Agent Photo.
Q: How big of a photo can I upload?
A: The maximum pixel height of the photo should be no more than 150 pixels, the width should adjust proportionately when resizing.

Q: Are there plans to add similar photo resizing capability to the listing photo loader?
A: Not at this time. For help with resizing listing photos, see the online tutorials located under Add/Change in the tutorial menu.

Q: The Agent Photo Editor resizes my photo, but I see a red “X” when I load it in FlexMLS, why?
A: This can occur when the photo is a format not supported. Make sure your photo is in the JPEG format.

Q: Where does my agent photo show up?
A: Your agent photo will show up in the following:

  • Agent/Office Roster
  • On the HTML version of manual E-mail’s and all auto e-mail’s
  • Flyers, Promotional Reports and the Full Report w\Additional Photos
  • CMA cover page
  • Portals